Call for papers and sessions / Appel à contributions


The call for papers is closed! / L'appel à contributions est terminé!

The leading theme of the conference is "Archaeozoology meets archaeometry", as the conference's main sponsor is the Archéo Science / Archéo Sociale Research Group (AS2), which promotes the development of the archaeological sciences in anthropological perspectives. However, the call for papers is open to contributions on any other topic related to bone tools.

We are now calling for sessions and papers. Although we would like to see as many papers and sessions addressing the main theme of the conference as possible, other subjects related to worked bone studies will be considered. Being hosted by a bilingual city in a bilingual country, the conference will accept papers in either English or French. Abstracts should be no longer than 150 words. Proposals and questions should be sent to:


Le thème central du colloque est «L'archéozoologie à la rencontre de l'archéométrie», s'inscrivant dans l'optique des travaux du Groupe de recherche Archéo Science / Archéo Sociale (AS2) qui sera notre principal commanditaire. Cependant, l'appel à contributions est ouvert à tout autre thème lié aux industries osseuses.

Nous appelons maintenant les propositions de sessions, ateliers et présentations individuelles, en français ou en anglais. Les résumés ne doivent pas dépasser 150 mots. Les propositions et toute question concernant le colloque peuvent être soumises à cette adresse: